The Conjuring 2

By Fidel Bedran

An 8 year old girl from a poor family is possessed by the devil. She wakes up at night and transforms.Every time she becomes ugly, her teeth become big and yellow.and her voice gets deeper and scarier. One night her older sister wakes up and sees the little girl talking with someone, but no one is in the room.

The girl says something like “get out of my house”. Another night, the door closes and opens by itself and the little girl is covered with the blanket, suddenly the blanket is removed without anyone removing it.

The scariest part, is when a nun crawls out of the drawing. She  looks like a nun, but is really the devil who controls all the evil things happening. Before the nun crawls out of the drawing, all house lights are on. When she gets out of the drawing, all the lights switch off and everything is dark. This is the scariest part. She is an evil nun who manipulates everyone’s brain. When they say her name she breaks into pieces and goes away. One night they fill all the walls with crosses, because the nun can’t stand crosses. But she just turns all the crosses upside down.

A man brings the little girl a special cross and tells her: “I’ve carried this cross with me all of my life and it helped me”. After she takes the cross from the man, she is saved and becomes normal.

I choose to play the victim, the girl who is possessed. because playing such a role is more challenging.