Direct Approach is a project based on conversations about violence in film and reality. 

Participants are asked to describe from their memory the most violent film scene that they have ever watched. Then they are asked to choose one of the characters from the film scene: victim, perpetrator or bystander.

The conversations are manifested in film posters, videos and ‘statements on violence’.

The participants reflect upon violence they have seen in films and how the violence mirrors society today. By thoroughly investigating these themes, the participants position themselves within a landscape of ethics, morality, injustice, occupation and desire.

A guidebook sharing the social design of Direct Approach can be found under workshop. It is made for schools and other institutions, who wish to have discussions about and work on the topic of violence in film, violence in society and their own personal relationship to violence. Using the guide’s framework will set the groundwork for and provide inspiration for dialogues about recollected film violence and its relation to violence in today’s society.